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Only day trip access to Historic Battle Harbour

About Us

Tim Rumbolt -Cloud 9 Charter Boat Tours

Timothy Rumbolt

Welcome to Cloud 9 Boat Charters and Tours, the only day trip access to historic Battle Harbour as well as your tour guide to amazing ice bergs and whale watching adventures. My name is Timothy Rumbolt and I am the owner and operator of Cloud 9 Boat Charters and Tours.

When asked how I ended up getting in this business, I have to say it’s a result of my love and passion for boating – its something I have done and enjoyed for many years so why not share it with others. The opportunity became available to start day trip access to Battle Harbour – a historic and restored fishing village just 9 miles from my home town and I jumped at the chance! I started out “testing the waters” so to speak and some 5 years later have “dove right in”.

I operate my boat, Daddy’s Pride (named in memory of my Dad who helped instill in me my love and passion for boating) daily from mid-June to October and offer regular day trips to and from Battle Harbour, personal/business charters and iceberg/whale watching tours. My business is Transport Canada Certified as well as TAP Compliant, see below for a list of qualifications. We are listed with the government of Newfoundland and Labrador website here.

Come take your next vacation with us….. we  would be honoured to take you on an adventure like nothing you have experienced before!

St. John Ambulance Standard First Aid/CPR C/AED
Small Boat Operator Proficiency
ROC-MC – Restricted Operator’s Certificate – Maritime Commercial
Registered & Insurance Boat to carry up to 12 passengers
Local knowledge of the area
20 years Experience operating boats